DJI F550 V2 RTF Hexacopter for flower dropping & others


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*Flower dropping box not include.Purchase separately.

DJI F550 Drone in RTF (Ready to Fly) package, we build it for you!
We are currently selling DJI frame set combo, all are great value and great quality, but you need to assemble it yourself. Don’t worry,
we can build it for you!

Which to choose? F550 or F450?
Both very stable and GPS controlled, the only different is the size and payload capacity. F450 RTF is smaller, carries the the same FPV
and Gimbal and fly for 14 minutes, if you wish to carry more gadgets and smoother flight, try the F550, it’s a bit larger and have Six
propellers, they give the F550 more smoother flight and better wind resistence, with NAZA V2 flight controller, if one of the motor died
on a Hexacopter, it is still controllable and you can land it asap, that means Hexacopter has better safety, however, more motors mean
it will need more power.

DJI F550 GPS Features

NAZA Lite or NAZA V2 system?
Both have GPS receiver, both works really well on the F550. NAZA V2 is designed for High End users, the stability is off the scale,
extremely solid in all conditions, for the NAZA Lite is like 85% of NAZA V2, that’s not bad at all (make no mistake, the NAZA Lite
is a great flight controller). The biggest difference is Expendability, NAZA Lite cannot work with other DJI gadget, like the
iPad Ground Station, the DJI Zenmuse Gimbal and the DJI iOSD module, that’s why NAZA V2 cost more, so you may say
“I don’t need those on a racing drone”, yes, but if you want to put the NAZA system on other drones in the future,
you may want to think about which system to choice at this moment.

We build the drone using the material from DJI Flamewheel F550 Combo 2 (NAZA V2 + Legs), we assemble them, solder
all wires and install with the Flysky FSTH9XB 9ch Radio Set, pack with battery and charger, then we test fly the drone,
so you will have a DJI F550 Hexacopter Ready to fly out of box.

Compact size aerial filming & flower dropping equipment
We build everything for you, tested and well assembled.

For the following upgrades, you pick it, we’ll install it

This package includes :
1. 1 x Fully Assembled DJI F550 GPS Drone (w/ NAZA M V2 GPS & 2212 PROPULSION System)
2. 1 x Flysky FSTH9XB 9ch 2.4Ghz Radio System w/ Receiver
3. 1 x 14.8V 8000mah Li-Po Battery
4. 4pcs 1045 Clockwise Blade Propeller (1 of them are spare parts)
5. 4pcs 1045 Counter-Clockwise Blade Propeller (1 of them are spare parts)
6. Imax B6/Emax E6 Battery Charger w/12v 5a adopter
7. Battery Voltage Display


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